Press Release Services

Writing for a wide gamut of industries, including investment firms, web hosting providers, retail establishments, and even mayoral offices, Communicate Better can turn any occasion into a newsworthy press release. Put the power of our pen into your marketing and SEO arsenal with our press release services!

Benefits of Press Release Services

    • Generate Media Exposure: Every company has newsworthy announcements to make. Whether you have hired a new VP, added a new service, moved to a larger headquarters, or developed a new feature on your website, why not pique the medias interest? Your press release may just land on the desk of an editor or journalist keen to interview your company for a feature article.


    • Improve Your Search Engine Rankings: We eloquently infuse your press release with your main keywords, helping you to improve your natural rankings for your most important search terms.


  • Strengthen Your Branding: Your company’s branding strategy and reputation are further solidified with each newsworthy press release you submit. Press releases are an excellent marketing tool that conveys your message while simultaneously strengthening your position in the industry.


Press Release Writing and Syndication Rates

  • Custom Written Press Release – Delivered within three to five days
  • High Priority 24 Hour Press Release – Delivered within 24 hours