Is PPC Extinct? How to Survive Post PPC

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Pay per click has been the backbone of many marketing campaigns, but reaching customers through PPC may be an antiquated strategy.   In fact, according to research presented by comScore, the number of people who click on PPC ads has plummeted from 32% in 2007 to only 16% of all internet users in 2009.  Even more interesting is that 85% of all clicks are now attributed to only 8% of all internet users!

Adding more nails to the PPC coffin, however, are browser add-ons that are literally making PPC advertisements invisible.

Ad-Blocking Programs are Changing the Face of Online Marketing

The demand for ad-free web enjoyment continues to skyrocket, and the application developers are taking note, introducing browser add-ons that cloak PPC advertisements.  Adblock Plus for Firefox is a leading example, and since 2006, more than 67,500,000 internet users have downloaded the add-on!  Each week, nearly one million additional users download the program just for Firefox alone.

The staggering numbers of internet users downloading ad-blocking software means that PPC is quickly becoming obsolete as a primary marketing strategy.  This beckons the question: if your PPC ads are made invisible by browser add-ons, how can you reach your target customers?

The Growing Importance of Natural Search Results

With more PPC ads being shielded by browser add-ons, the importance of organic search results grows even greater.   Not only are organic search results the most cost-effective for your long-term marketing strategy, but they also generate more traffic and legitimacy to your website.

With the introduction of Google Caffeine and changes in the algorithm, today’s natural search rankings may be rearranged tomorrow.   For the next generation of online marketing, the importance of fresh content cannot be underestimated for either Google Caffeine or Bing.  Working with your content writer to produce original, fresh, and regular content will help drive your website to the top of search results, improving your market reach and solving the problem of PPC ad-blocking browser add-ons.

Nearly one million internet users download ad-blocking browser programs each week for Firefox alone, but your advertising campaign does not need to be short changed.  Focusing on your organic, natural search results will help your endeavors prosper as the world of online marketing evolves.

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